Beer Glass Alsacienne Sans Culotte

Brewery L'Alsacienne sans Culotte beer of the Gambrinus 


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L'Alsacienne "Brusela" Glass

"l'Alsacienne Sans Culotte" Glass in the colours of the spring frivolity, with a capacity of 0.4L.

Price €8.70

L'Alsacienne "Fjord" Glass

Alsatian beer glass with a capacity of 0.5L. DUROBOR air bubble at the foot.

Price €8.70

L'Alsacienne "Gendarme" Glass

The Gendarme glass with the effigy of the famous St Tropez police officer "Do You Do You".  With a capacity of 33 cl.

You will be amused by the thermo-sensitive graduations on the back which show a fictional scale of "points allowed" in red.

Price €8.70
Showing 1-11 of 11 item(s)